Sermon Archive 2013

8/4-12/29 2014

God's Guidance For The Details of Life

Part 6; Selected Scriptures

When God Turn His Back On You

Isaiah 58:1-14; 59:1-11

What It Means to Follow Jesus

Mark 10

The Perfect Storm

Acts 27

The Perfect Storm; Part 2

Acts 27

A Problem With God

Ecclesiastes 3:1-15

Celebrating God's Blessing,

Recognizing God's Call

Setbacks, Struggles and the Sovereignty of God: Intro to Daniel

The Corrupting Power of Spiritual Compromise: Daniel 1

Learning from the Reversals of Life

Daniel 2

Faith Under Fire

Daniel 3

The End of the Beginning

John 19:20-30

The Perils of Pride

Daniel 4

The Writing on the Wall

Daniel 5

Are You Ready for the Last Days?

1 Thessalonians 4:13-18

Bullied for Our Faith

Daniel 6

Keys to Answered Prayer- Part 1

Daniel 9-10

Keys to Answered Prayer- Part 2

Daniel 9-10


What Matters Most, Is People Finding Jesus; Selected Scripture

A Light in the Darkness

Isaiah 9:1-7