• Pastor Art Worthington

Now Scheduling Volunteer Groups

After months of delays due to bad weather, environmental contamination and bureaucratic confusion, the Paradise recovery efforts are finally underway. Which means we are now scheduling volunteer teams looking to stay at our church while they participate in service projects in Paradise.

The request for volunteer help from city and state officials has increased dramatically in the last few weeks. Recently volunteers have been enlisted to help with a variety of tasks involved in preparing public schools for incoming students (painting, cleaning, fixing up classrooms, etc.).

Current requests for volunteers focus on projects such as private property debris removal, “fuel reduction projects” (cutting down and removing tall grass, shrubs and trees), food and water distribution to financially needy fire victims, conducting “Need Surveys” among current Paradise residents, hosting BBQ Block Parties at our church for local residents and returnees, and later this year, shed building and home building for uninsured fire victims.

In recent weeks we have hosted a handful of local churches that sent teams to work in Paradise. They all had great experiences staying at PEFC and serving in the community (or, in some cases, helping us prepare our facility for bigger groups). They all plan to return.

If your volunteer team would like to stay at our church, we need to schedule your visit. We can handle group sizes up to 50 people. (Until our shower facilities are completed, groups can shower at two local churches we are partnering with.) We provide breakfast, lunch and dinner. The cost is $50 per person, per night, with no minimum number of nights.

The challenge to rebuild and restore Paradise is a monumental one. It will take years of work. But it is a wonderful opportunity for the Church to show up (as we have in so many major disasters) and help others in the name of Christ. It’s a powerful witness to unchurched people, civic leaders, and millions of others who are following the Camp Fire story to see how it ends. Indeed, ministering to this community is a fulfillment of the Great Commission!

There are many avenues through which to schedule your team, or gain additional information. Here are a few:

Pastor Art Worthington: 530-588-6076, 530-345-7035.

Project Supervisor Dennis Day: 530-370-0368.

Site Manager Matt Smiley: 530-440-2604.

Heinke Heinke, Church Administrator: 530-877-4241.

PEFC email: office@paradiseefc.org.

Website: Paradiseefc.org. Follow us on Facebook.


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